Highlights of this tour

  • Rialto food market tour (on request)
  • Hands on cooking class with private chef


VENICE COOKING CLASS – Make your stay in Venice memorable, and indulge in delightful Venetian food and fruity Veneto wines!

This city is unique for many reasons, which affect both the lifestyle of the residents and those who spend a shorter time here.

Due to the lack of cars, scooters and bicycles, deliveries in Venice are not easy, and food supplies have always been a big issue

In the past centuries buildings for the storage of grains, salt and other commodities were scattered throughout the city.

Today the extensive use of motorboats and refrigerators can guarantee a constant supply for restaurants, bars, and hotels, while ordinary people cannot carry a lot of food for the next couple of weeks!

Food stalls and outdoor markets are still part of the social and cultural context, still present today, as in the old days, in the many ‘campi’, or squares, scattered all over the city.

Locals care for fresh produce, and love purchasing seasonal food, which is used for traditional recipes.

They know the meaning of “from farm to table”, indeed!

Our goal is to provide a first hand culinary experience and show you all the different processes used for a few dishes, under the supervision of a food expert, who will be pleased to interact with you.

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He lives in a popular district heading north, close to one of the most impressive squares in Venice, Campo San Giovanni e Paolo, and to the Venice Culinary Institute! His apartment is on top of a former noble Palazzo, with an open view of the red roof tiles with the St. Mark’s bell tower in the background, quite amazing.

You’ll be asked to work, manipulate food that might be unusual for you, check the texture, smell the aromas, taste the flavors, and ask any question without hesitations.

You will learn how to detect the freshness of local fish, the reason why we don’t have big tunas and swordfish in the Lagoon, the many ways regular cutlery is used with raw and cooked fish…..

It’s a treat, usually at the restaurant you don’t have the opportunity to meet the chef in the kitchen, so take the chance to prepare a whole menu in an old Venetian house, with the help of a local food expert!

Menus are selected according to the local tradition, the season, and respond to a variety of food: Fish, Meat, Vegetarian, and Pasta based. Children will make their own recipes, in order to learn the basic procedure and have fun at the same time.

Among the many delights, it is worth mentioning the most appetizing ones: Clams and Mussels Stew with Tomato and Aromatic Herbs or Grilled homegrown Scallops to begin your meal, followed by Homemade Pasta with local Prawns and Tomato Sauce or Risotto with Black Ink.

You cannot skip the Traditional style Tiramisù, which was claimed to have first been created by the owner of a Trattoria in the nearby town of Treviso in 1960.

Aren’t you a fish oriented gourmet?

Don’t worry, you will taste some specialties like Chicken-liver canapés with Caramelized Onions to start, then Homemade Spaghetti with Duck sauce or Risotto with Red Chicory and Sausage as First Course, while you will treat yourself with a succulent Braised Beef in Red wine sauce…

You can also apply for a short Rialto market tour with the chef, according to the opening days and the location of your hotel.

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Cost of this tour

  • Your culinary experience lasts four hours, lunch included, and costs 210 euros per person (minimum two persons, market tour not included).
  • A class operates with a maximum of 6 people.
  • Please note that Rialto market is open from Mondays through Saturdays, but the fish section is closed on Mondays too.
  • Supplement for the Rialto Market tour with the chef 90€ (not per person)