Highlights of this tour

  • Ancient Rome overview with Colosseum interior
  • Walk in the historical heart with visit to the Pantheon
  • Visit to the Vatican City with Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica

All about Rome… in one day! A shore excursion

All about Rome in one day!  is designed for cruisers that have only a very short time in Rome and want to maximize it.

We have rounded up the main sights and some of the must sees, but of course you need to come back ! You really cannot visit Rome in one day!

Your private driver will come to pick you up at the Port of Civitavecchia (right by the ship), then when in Rome you will meet your private guide.

We will start visiting the Colosseum, icon of the Ancient city and one of the most important monuments in the world.

With your skip the line tickets and your expert guide you will enter the monument without long delays and visit the accessible sections ( which may vary according to the season).

Your guide will tell you about the  battles between fierce animals, or between men and beasts, or between gladiators. The building was originally much richer in marbles, statues, colorful decorations, at the point of resulting frankly ‘over the top’!

It was, however,  an incredible work of engineering, created to contain comfortably 60,000 people, and thanks to its 80 exits it could be emptied in just few minutes.

Elevators brought up the gladiators and wild beasts directly from the underground , so the audience could see the  animal and the human fighters materialize out of nothing.

An elaborate system of covering was deviced to protect the audience from the sun (the competitions always started at noon !).

All this had been built in just 5 years , between 75 and 80 A.D., thanks to Emperor Vespasianus.

The name Colosseum is probably due to a colossal statue of Emperor Nero here, no longer present.

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Back to our car, we’ll stop by the valley where the Circus Maximus used to be, to enjoy a breathtaking view over the Palatine Hill, the mythological site of the foundation of Rome.

Driving up on the Capitoline Hill another epic view will open up in front of you: the Roman Forum, cradle of the Roman Civilization.

Rome in one day will proceed downtown to visit the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain, we need to make sure you toss the coins so that you will be back again!

And stay for longer this time!

All About Rome  continues in the afternoon
After a light lunch, we will get to the Vatican City and visit the Sistine Chapel, masterpiece of Michelangelo and St Peter’s Basilica.

The Vatican Museums are an awesome, overwhelming collection of superb, impressive collections of art, archaeology, ethnography,

What keeps all these different museums together is the focus of the Catholic Church on man being as creator. Artistic inventiveness viewed as the only possible form of comparison between God and mankind.

Necessarily, as time is short,  we’ll consider only the most surprising creations of the  Roman Age and of the Renaissance.

The ‘Laocoon and his sons’, the ‘Apollo of the Belvedere’, the Belvedere Torso, the ‘marble zoo’ as shining gems of the Ancient Roman Age.

Giotto, Raphael, Caravaggio will be our favorite masters at the Pictures’ Gallery.

During our All About Rome tour the relationships between the Popes and  the celebrated geniuses of the Renaissance and of the Baroque will be also brought to life. A word will be spent about the not always easy relations between the great artists and about their personalities.

Thereafter you will return to Civitavecchia with your driver, exhausted but satisfied …

All About Rome can be also done by visitors staying in Rome with limited amount of time. The tour can be customized according to your requests. If you are a travel agent please apply for special fees and subscribe for newsletter.

Cost of this tour

  • 1310 euros for closed parties up to 6 people
  • Private car and English speaking professional driver service (10 hours) from Civitavecchia harbour and back.
  • Six hour private guide services
  • Lunch and admission fees ARE NOT included
  • Admission fees: Colosseum: from 25 euros per person; Vatican Museum: from 30 euros per person; Pantheon: from 7 euros
  • We can take care of reserving for you but we need to know at least 15 days in advance!
  • If you have a bigger party please inquire at email

Dress Code and advice

  • As a dress code to enter the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica shoulders and knees have to be covered.
  • Due to security checks there might be slowdowns at the entrances of the monuments, for the same reason bag packs and big bags are not allowed.