Highlights of this tour

  • Private guided visit to the Museum of Glass in Murano
  • Stroll into Murano Island
  • Visit to one of the most famous and traditional glass furnaces of Murano
  • Time to visit showrooms.
  • Private water-taxi from Venice to Murano and back


Our Murano glass history tour consists of a guided visit to the recently redesigned Murano Glass Museum plus a stop to one of the most renowned traditional glass factories of the island. We leave Venice on our private water-taxi. It is a good idea to schedule this tour on a working day, when the glass furnace is in production.

This visit focuses on Murano Glass history, rather than on shopping, although there will also be some chance to do some purchase. If you are more inclined to shop. with the assistance of a personal guide, see our ‘Murano Past & Present’’ tour. If you’re short in time but still interested in Murano, see our ‘Venice at Your Fingertips’ tour. If you’re interested in Venetian beads, see our  Crazy for Venetian Beads tour,

The Glass Museum at Palazzo Giustinian, right in the heart of Murano, reopened in 2015 after a thorough renovation, is a key site to understand the importance of Murano glass and hosts important temporary exhibitions. Your guide will start introducing the millenary history of Venetian glass during navigation.

The ‘White Box’, a new space at the ground floor of the Glass Museum will serve as a wonderful visual introduction: a ‘wave’ of 50 iconic glass works streaming through time connect different styles, tastes and techniques. You’ll learn what made Murano glass

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so famous and coveted by all the wealthy of the world.

Attention is given to the raw materials employed, to their origins, to the tools and fuel, and to the different pigments. A world will be spent about the organization of work in a traditional factory – it remains the same today – as we shall later see during the second part of our tour – with the master and his helpers.

On the 2nd floor we’ll be welcomed by the most impressive room of Palazzo Giustinian, with its frescoed ceilings and huge chandeliers. A new display and illumination, interacting with the daylight, creates wonderful effects and helps appreciating the sophisticated grace of Renaissance and Baroque pieces.

Our In-depth Murano Glass History tour will start with the archaeological pieces, scenically displayed in dark cases, reminding the origins of glass and tracking the beginnings of this craft in the Lagoon, at the times when Venice traded in the Middle East. If you want to go deeper, we advise you to see this page from Victoria & Albert Museum.

The Golden Age of Murano glass started in the 15th century – from this period we can admire the magnificent ‘Barovier Cup’– reaching its apogee in the 16th and 17th centuries. Our eyes will be delighted by the timeless elegance of the filigrees and ‘reticello’ works. We’ll enjoy the bizarre Baroque creations.

More rooms are dedicated to the 18th century, a moment of great expansion and inventiveness in the history of Murano glass, when possessing it was a status symbol. It was the time in which Giuseppe Briati deviced the famous glass chandeliers, that, together with mirrors became a fundamental export for Venice.

An important section is dedicated to beads, starring a mesmerizing collection and also giving us the opportunity to describe the different techniques of production. Your guide will also point out the economical importance of Murano beads, a flourishing industry even in difficult periods of decline.

Great attention is given to the 20th century, when Murano glass arose the interest of international artists, architects and designers, who came to the Island in to learn and blend their creativity with the skills of the Murano glass masters. Vittorio Zecchin, Carlo Scarpa, Tapio Wirkkala, Yoiki Ohira, Dale Chihuly, and more.

Our historical tour continues…into the present

We stroll along the Murano Grand Canal and the Glass-makers Canal to reach our second venue, one of the most traditional glass factories, where we’ll experience today’s production, still in the path of tradition. The ‘maestro’, or master, is the undisputed leader of the ‘piazza’, the magic space where everything is created.

There will be some time to see the showrooms above, where the best of today’s Murano glass is proudly displayed. You will recognize some of the objects you just saw at the Museum! Our water-taxi will pick you up to go back to Venice. On the boat there will be still a few minutes for the last questions and curiosities.

Cost of this tour

  • This tour lasts approximately 3 hours and costs: 490 euros up to 6 people
  • Admission to Murano Glass Museum: 12 euros (students 9.50 euros)
  • Private water-taxi transfers from Venice to Murano and back are included
  • 3 hour private guide services
  • Only private parties.
  • For larger parties: please send us an email!

Dress Code and advice

Please wear comfortable shoes and a hat in summer