Highlights of this tour

  • Guided walk in Trento’s vibrant historical center
  • Visit to Buonconsiglio Castle with historical survey.
  • The 14th century ‘Cycle of Months’ at the Eagle’s Tower
  • Visit to Renzo Piani’s MUSE, the Sciences’ Museum


TRENTO IN AND OUT – Trento, the ancient Roman ’Tridentium’, capital of Trentino, is reputed to have one of Italian cities’ highest quality of life. Surrounded by the Alps, the city center is totally flat and car-free, perfect for browsing around on foot. Seat of an important University, Trento is a city of art and culture thriving with young people.

It boasts an enchanting main Piazza, one of the most beautiful of the entire country, a row of scenic streets lined with sumptuous palaces, colorful historiated Medieval and Renaissance facades, an intriguing drawing-room-like ambiance, which makes sitting at one of the outdoor cafés an irresistible must.

Set along the Adige River, between Bolzano and Verona, Trento is a geographical, commercial, and cultural link between the German and the Italian worlds. From 1027 until 1803 it was ruled by a Bishop Prince. The golden era of Trent was the 16th century when it became a veritable European capital. After Napoleon’s conquest it passed under the Habsburg Empire. Only after World War I it officially became part of Italy.

Our Trento discovery will start at the train station, where you’ll be greeted by your expert local guide. A walking lecture through the historical streets, dotted with splendidly ornate private residences (Palazzo Thun, Palazzo Quetta-Alberti-Colico, Palazzo Geremia, just to mention a few) to the Duomo Square, with its spectacular Neptune’s Fountain, the San Vigilio Cathedral, the Civic Tower, and the Renaissance painted homes. You’ll learn the legend about the Eagle’s Fountain while sitting for a coffee or a gelato there.

Just outside the elegant and vibrant heart of town stands the world-famous Buonconsiglio Castle, that owes its fame to a major historical event: the Council of Trent, held between 1545 and 1563, convened by Pope Paul III in the effort of redefining the Catholic doctrine and theology to counter the challenges of the recent Protestant Reformation. While visiting the Castle you’ll learn the Council’s most important facts.

Besides enjoying the magnificent 15th century Gothic Loggia, with splendid landscape views on the surrounding mountains, we’ll certainly include a visit to the secluded ‘Eagle’s Tower’, decorated with a cycle of enchanting 14th century frescoes. Like a fairytale, the paintings minutely describe the everyday life of the wealthy nobles and that of the poor peasants on the Alps at that time: the snowballs fight is unmissable!

After a lunch break our Trento discovery could continue with a stroll to the Albere  neighborhood, not far from the town center. A former industrial area – there was a Michelin factory here – it is now hosting the very attractive MUSE, the Sciences’ Museum, designed by the Italian arch star Renzo Piano.

Inaugurated in 2013, the MUSE focuses on the natural history of the Alps, staging six inner levels. Your kids will love the giant dinosaur towering in the center of this futuristic permanent exhibition. The triangular crystal and metal structures of Renzo Piano’s architecture, set against the sky, are reminiscent of the alpine landscape and make a wonderful effect with the daylight changes. The pleasant waterscape outside leads our eye to the isolated Villa delle Albere, a 16th century suburban villa, surrounded by four massive towers.

Our day in Trento ends with this image – a soothing mountain landscape seamlessly blending old and new.

Cost of this tour

  • This tour lasts approximately 6 hours and costs 360 euros up to six people (not per person).
  • Only private parties.
  • For larger parties send us an email!
  • Entrance fees per person: Buonconsiglio Castle and Eagle’s Tower 17 euros, MUSE 14 euros
  • This tour is not available on Mondays

Dress Code and advice

  • Hat and sandals in summer. Trento is almost as hot as Palermo!