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  • The restaurants we recommend
  • Our selection of bars & bistros with good wines, chicheti & ambiance
  • The traditional “trattorie” in the city where we go!
  • Best pastry & coffee shops in town


Venice restaurants & fingerfood winebars. Literally, food & drinks are at every corner of the city, but the quality, alas,  is frequently disappointing, while prices can be really crazy! There was a recent scandal about 4 tourists been ripped off.

This is why, as insiders, we think you might appreciate our suggestions, that we like to keep always updated.

Venetians highly appreciate the simple pleasures of life, dedicate to food and wine an important part of their time and conversations.

Consider also that there are no cars or scooters in Venice, most of the time people walks, so you don’t need to be sober!

The typical Venetian cuisine is based on fish & seafood, accompanied by a wonderful variety of vegetables, some of which are grown on some of the islands of the Lagoon, like Sant’Erasmo. Pasta & rice dishes are also made with this ingredients in an endless variety of combinations.

A morning visit  to the Rialto market is certainly a good approach to learn about local produce, smell it, enjoy the colors & sounds. It is possible to purchase spices, wine, pasta, cookies and more.

Generally speaking, the best restaurants and trattorias tend to be ‘far from the crowds’,hidden to the eyes of day-trippers.

Getting lost in the back alleyways is probably the best way to discover the inner culinary gems of Venice, but of course if you have limited time you’d better ask for our list of Venice restaurants and bars-

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  • Our list of favorite restaurants is free as long as you book at least one of our tours or services.