On April 9th, 2019 the Triennale di Milano was honored to open the Museum of Design, the first one in Italy. Milan boasts still today the most innovative and prestigious Design Studios in the country, due to its European and industrial vocation which draw financial resources and brilliant minds over the decades.

The Triennale originated in 1923 in Monza, a town not far from the main city, on the occasion of the First Biennale of Decorative Arts, and was transferred to Milan ten years later. From the beginning this cultural institution aimed for a successful interaction among industry, productive world and applied arts.

Over time the Triennale catalyzed the creative potential of the country in the post-war age and contributed to the development of avant-garde trends in industrial art.

In 1954 the modernist style building hosted the Compasso d’Oro, the first international award for the industrial design in Italy, with the purpose of improving excellence in this field.

The reputation gained in time and the supportive policy of the local administration helped the Triennale to collect 1600, a remarkable number, of accessories, pieces of furniture, and electronics from 1927 to the 21st century, partly bequeathed by the most celebrated designers who showed their gratitude to the museum and pride for the city.

Among the internationally renown ones, the museum boasts over 3.000 drawings by Alessandro Mendini, 300 models from Giovanni Sacchi Collection, 60 garments and paper patterns from Nanni Strada Collecton, 566 drawings and graphic communication projects from the Sirio Galli Collection.

At the moment about 200 objects are on display, due to the limited space available at the “Curva” on the ground level of the building, but in the near future larger rooms will be restored for further exhibits concerning the distinguished collection.

As you go through the artworks set in chronological order, you will learn the technical improvements, the use of brand new materials, the efforts of gifted architects to make everyday objects more functional, attractive, colorful and sustainable.

At the same time formal variety always responded to some shared notions: a unique style, comfort, simplicity, attention to the details, and sometimes luxury.

In addition to that, the museum highlights the architects, industrialists, and studios that made the reputation of the Italian design in the world: the Castiglioni brothers, Alessandro Mendini, Alberto Alessi, Giò Ponti, Camillo Olivetti, Gabriele Mucchi, Giuseppe Terragni, Ettore Sotsass, Franco Albini, Bruno Munari, Vittorio Gregotti, Aldo Rossi, Cesare Cassina, Enzo Mari, Tobia Scarpa, Gillo Dorfles, Piero Fornasetti and many others.

An extraordinary opportunity to explore in detail an exciting permanent exhibit, and increase your appreciation for the Italian brands.