January 27th, 2023


With this post, we are pleased to highlight the ongoing art events and the upcoming ones in the main Italian art cities this year.

Spring in Venice opens up with “Vittore Carpaccio. Drawings and paintings” from March 18 through June 18 at Palazzo Ducale, the Gallerie dell’Accademia, and the Scuola degli Schiavoni. These last two are renowned for some celebrated cycles of canvases commissioned by leading mutual aid associations in the early Renaissance.

A couple of months later La Biennale Architecture will open at the historic Giardini and Arsenale from May 20 through November 26, a great chance to update your knowledge about the latest architectural projects.

In Milan, visitors are in time to visit two remarkable shows held at Palazzo Reale: the retrospective on Max Ernst until February 26, and “Bosch and Another Renaissance  until March 12, recently reviewed on our website in the “News” section. 

Due to its size and majesty, Palazzo Reale is the perfect place for a curious subject, “Beauty and Ugliness in the Renaissance: Nature and Artifice”, from February 25 through June 25. The exhibit explores the evolution of the concept of Beauty in the 16th century, confronted with Ugliness, an inseparable opposite.

Two British fashion designers are celebrated at the Galleria Sozzani, next to the futuristic Piazza Age Aulenti, in the “Mr & Mrs. Clarck. Ossie Clarck and Clelia Birtwell, Fashion and Prints 1965-74” exhibit, from January 16 through April 10. This unique show displays over 30 iconic 1960s—70s dresses, seven precious notebooks, rare memorabilia, and numerous drawings by one of the most innovative couples in the artistic and fashion world.

Just opposite the prestigious La Scala Theatre is the Gallerie d’Italia building, the venue of an exhibit about “Patrons, collectors, and philanthropists from the Medici through the Rothschild”, until March 26. A selection of masterpieces by Michelangelo, Caravaggio, Bronzino, Verrocchio, Antoon Van Dyck, Hayez, and the Italian modern-age painter Giorgio Morandi, witness the influence of distinguished patrons on the history of taste and collectibles.

In Rome, the Maxxi Museum of National XXI century Arts honors a Nobel Prize musician in the “Bob Dylan – Retrospectrum”, the first European exhibit dedicated to his visual artworks, including watercolors, paintings, pastels, and charcoal drawings. Open until April 30.

Antique lovers cannot miss “The Colors of the Ancient. Santarelli Marbles” held at the Capitoline Museums until 30 April, an impressive selection of 660 polychrome marbles from the Imperial Age owned by the Dino and Ernesta Santarelli Foundation.

The Galleria Nazionale di Arte Antica displays the private collection of Cardinal Neri Maria Corsini, who was an influential and prominent cultural figure of 18th-century Rome, despite his Florentine origins. The “Stanze del Cardinale Corsini” show will close on 10 April.

The same museum hosts the “Bust of Urban VIII” by the great Baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini. This loan from the Prince Corsini collection in Florence will expire next summer, so take advantage of this opportunity until 30 July!

April 10th is the closing day of another exhibit next to the Colosseum, at the Roman Forum and the Palatine hill, “The journey of Aeneas. From Troy to Rome”. Twenty-four works of great interest document the legendary stages of Aeneas’s journey from the city of Troy to the Lazio region and the foundation of Lavinium.

One of the Roman sculptural groups of Niobids purchased by the Medici family in the Renaissance age is now showcased at the Uffizi Galleries in Florence, together with additional nine statues of the same subject recently discovered at Ciampino, near Rome. Remind this event to your clients, until March 13.

Two giant works by Henry Moore are on display at Piazza della Signoria and the churchyard of San Miniato al Monte Abbey on the hill overlooking the entire town and the Arno river. Both statues will leave Florence on March 31, 2023.

Our country is a widespread museum of rare beauty and minor centers hold unexpected treasures.

The two Lombardy towns of Bergamo and Brescia boast the title of “Capitals of Italian culture 2023“, which offer a full range of all-out projects,  ranging from a rich culinary heritage to a centuries-old historical legacy.  Among the many events, the “Lotto, Romanino, Moretto, Ceruti” exhibit highlights four locally born Renaissance painters who developed an impressive personal style affected by the lessons of contemporary master painters.

Last but not least, Perugia, Umbria’s regional capital, is the hometown of the 16th-century painter Pietro Vannucci called the Perugino. An impressive selection of over 70 canvases will be on display at the Galleria Nazionale, from March 4 through June 11, 2023.

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