Highlights of this tour

  • Enjoy the canals of Venice on a traditional gondola
  • Professional musician & singer on board


Venice: gondola ride & serenade. The gondola is no doubt one of the most universally known symbols of Venice; this elegant, elongated black wooden boat inspired innumerable writers & poets, and was used by rich & famous people of any age.

From Lord Byron to Hemingway, from Elton John to George Clooney, they’ve all been on a gondola ride!

It plays a special role in tens of popular movies (do you remember James Bond on a speed motor gondola?), definitely belongs to the collective imagination of all mankind.

Now it is your turn to be rocked down the ancient, peaceful canals, while your gondolier will tell you about the construction of the gondola itself & the meaning of the strangely shaped iron on its bow. Venetian palaces will appear to you in all their charm, as the fanciest facade is always the one facing the water!

For more romance & fun you can also ask for live music on board: a singer and a player (guitar or accordeon) will serenade you, bringing you into a timeless world…Venice was always considered ‘the Capital of Music’ and really has a long musical tradition to defend. Your eyes and  ears will be in paradise, and your soul will rejoyce!

Cost of this tour

  • A thirty minutes’ ride, with a maximum of 5 people, will cost 130 euros (time frame from 9,30 am until 6,30 pm)
  • a thirty minutes’ gondola serenade with a musician and a player (with a maximum of 3 passengers on board) will cost an extra 190 euros
  • In case of stormy weather, for your safety, we cannot guarantee the service. We recommend you to contact us in advance for further information and advice.