Highlights of this tour

  • Piazza del Popolo & Spanish Steps
  • Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona with nocturnal illumination
  • Walk along the Tiber with incomparable view
  • Campo de’ Fiori with time for a drink
  • Old Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere at dinner time


This tour is intended to be an evening introduction to the beauty and lifestyle of Rome. Our Four Seasons’ Evening tour starts when the sun begins to set, ending approximately at dinner time, considering that in Italy dinner is at 8.00-8.30 pm, or even later, if you are enjoying your ‘aperitivo’ so much.

The itinerary will be adapted to include more panoramic views, with longer walking and time for taking some ‘wow’ pictures if the weather is good and the temperature is pleasant.

During fall and winter and in case of rain (or snow! but that’s really very rare…) we will do more secret piazzas, fancy shopping streets and we’ll spend more time indoors tasting coffee or hot chocolate with pastries, or wine with munchies. In the good season, we’ll sit outside for a drink or a gelato and look at the world passing by…

You’ll be exposed to the ‘Roman lifestyle’, as these are the hours in which people finally relaxes after a working day, the traffic slows down, the large groups of tourists vanish. Romans adore lingering outside in their marvelous city, talking, laughing, looking at each other, window-shopping and, of course, eating and drinking! It is fun to share these pleasures since you’re here, pretending to be Romans for a while!

From spectacular and huge Piazza del Popolo we descend to Piazza di Spagna (or Spanish Steps) immortalized by Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Pack in ‘Roman Holidays’, where people gather on the scenic steps or around the ‘Barcaccia’, one of the most popular fountains of Rome. If you happen to be here during spring you’ll be mesmerized by the colorful display of flowers all along the steps, bellissimo!

Our FOUR SEASONS’ EVENING TOUR OF ROME continues with the unmissable Trevi Fountain, recently refurbished and fantastically illuminated at night.

Another impressive vision, after we walk the meandering narrow alleyways of central Rome, is that of the Pantheon, whose powerful presence is enhanced by the nocturnal illumination. The square, Piazza della Rotonda, is instead elegant, busy and cheerful.
A few more turns in the cobbled alleys and we reach another ‘jewel’ of Rome,

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Piazza Navona, whose Baroque scenography is at its best in December, when everybody gathers here to see the famous Xmas Market. The major attraction however are the three celebrated Fountains, masterly illuminated all year round and vibrating of energy with their play of water and gesticulating marble statues.

At this point a stroll along the Tiber will allow a magic vision of the dying daylight reflected on the waters and enhancing the emotion given by Castel Sant’Angelo, Ponte Sant’Angelo, the awesome Dome of St Peter. An extra touch of painterly beauty is added during fall by the colors of the leaves fallen from the sycamore trees along the River. Red, orange and yellow for your memorable pictures.

Our FOUR SEASONS’ EVENING TOUR OF ROME meanders now into a Renaissance area of the city to reach one of its most beloved squares, Campo de’ Fiori.

The gloomy statue of Giordano Bruno, that during the day watches the fruit and vegetable sellers, at night is ignored by the myriads of university students that come for a cold beer and, of course, for the ambiance.

During the long summer-nights a consistent number of tourists transforms the piazza in an international mish-mash where everybody feels young and at home.

If busy pubs and young people’s ‘movida’ are not your favorites we’ll continue, through hidden small squares to the old Jewish Ghetto, where the restaurants, famous for delicious ‘carciofi alla giudia’ = Jewish-style artichokes, stand by the majestically surreal ruins of Portico d’ Ottavia.

Across the Tiber we reach nearby Trastevere, the picturesque, bubbly, still genuine ‘heart of Rome’, where, after a stroll to get oriented and see what goes on, your guide will set you free. Of course, we’ll be happy to advise about a good trattoria or pizzeria for dinner!

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Cost of this tour

  • This tour lasts 3 hours and costs: 330 euros up to 6 people (not per person)
  • Please notice that food and drinks are not included in this tour.
  • Only private parties.
  • For larger parties: please send us an email!

Dress Code and advice

  • No shorts and no sleeveless garments.
  • Short sleeves and knee-high are ok!
  • Please wear comfortable shoes and a hat in summer